Captain Beefheart immediately springs to mind when I hear “Blood Runs Black” – nice and raw, writes Artymorty

I don’t know exactly what a “Jupiter Diamond” is but regardless of the answer, I really like the song, for me it’s the standout track on this album and I particularly like the way the mood changes towards the fade-out. Having dealt with the final track, I’ll go back to the beginning:

“Electric Boogie” demonstrates a strong Marc Bolan influence without being a total rip-off. It also has elements of Chinn and Chapman, which is no bad thing in my book.

“Running On Empty” is very good and I love the thunder crack intro. The vocal is particularly strong on this one and the repetitive descending guitar figure works really well.

“Back to the Start” is a good up-tempo song which keeps the pace of the album flowing before we get a change of style with “Out on a Limb” – an edgier vocal works really well here and provides some variation from the norm, if any were needed.

“Beautiful Girl” slows the tempo nicely and provides a good contrast to the more rockier numbers.

Captain Beefheart immediately springs to mind when I hear “Blood Runs Black” – nice and raw. Good track though, and it works well.

“Dark Moon Rising” sounds like a bit of a Deep Purple homage. Really great riff, despite being totally derivative, but what the hell, it works and the juxtaposition with the somewhat camp vocal is unexpected. All that’s missing is a Ritchie Blackmore solo, although the manic wah-wah solo here, fits the bill nicely.

Impure blood seems to be a bit of a theme on this album and so we get “Bad Blood”, which has a slightly more commercial feel and features some really nice guitar work, while “Fast and Loose” is a good old boogie style number.

Which brings me nicely back to the mysterious “Jupiter Diamond”. Definitely my favourite track!