republished by kind permission of Bay Life

Local musician, Peter Barron of Coast Road, Pevensey Bay is celebrating today (October 23) with news that his latest track has been picked up by well regarded specialist radio station, ARfm.

It is to be featured in their weekend programme on Friday 31 October. ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ crafts a story in a late seventies groove, with lyrics that lean on the idea that ballads can be cranked up into a tuneful blitzkrieg to tell a tale.

This particular track takes up the story of the death of Wild Bill Hickok and turns it into a memorable tune with the kind of hook lines beloved of bands like the Ramones.

Peter describes his work as ‘rooted a little in the seventies, eighties but with its (bleeding) heart in the 21st century’ featuring up tempo electric rock numbers with catchy hooks.’

Noted for its Marc Bolan influence, his latest album, Jupiter Diamond, caught the attention of music journalist David McGowan, “Jupiter Diamond? T. Rex immediately came to mind when I saw the title – Ballrooms of Mars and Diamond Meadows – a different planet (queen) I know, but still within the confines of our solar system.

“Hope it sees some commercial success – it certainly deserves to. It has passion and for me that is a pre-requisite for the arts, and it’s sadly lacking in this X-factor world of no-talent wannabees. I commend it to the House!”

Talking to Bay Life today (October 23) Peter explained “Just heard back from Colin Noble at ARfm – he will be playing the new song ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ on Friday 31st October. The show is – The Colin Noble Unsigned Show and it airs Friday nights from 7 – 9pm

“I will post the song on SoundCloud the day before (30th) and it will be available as an audio and free download for 14 days only (until 13th Nov)”.

You can find out more about the Pevensey Bay unsigned musician who is attracting attention, here on his web platform or you can follow him, here on his twitter feed.