Retro Activ marks the most eclectic moment in the career of local musician Peter Barron

With his heart set firmly in the early seventies, his music mixes some of the sounds that seem familiar, from his loved Marc Bolan through to Sweet and on to Eddie and the Hot Rods and Graham Parker, but listen carefully to the picture play back. The dystopian world takes you into a kind of cartoon character visual world that is immersive and all his very own.

Why the work of Peter Barron is not yet to be heard on film soundtracks, video games or as a soundtrack on the playout to a documentary on BBC4 about some aspect of the social history of our country in the last thirty years of the twentieth century is something of a mystery.

In the eclectic mix is pure Peter Barron, a pastiche of styles and a dystopian world in which you can never be sure if his tongue is firmly in his cheek as he growls beside the fine harmonica of Neil Seymour on Boogie Street.

This is perhaps his most accomplished album release to date, start with Private Investigator and enjoy the lyrics to each song as you flick through his cartoon storybook world of characters.

Retro Activ is a seamless mix of styles on this latest album.

Rock on Peter Barron.

Release date, 24 June 2019

—Pevensey Bay Journal review, Retro activ
15 June 2019