One More Crow: Lyrics



Things sound different
With your eyes wide open
But they’re easier to ignore
The sound on the street
Is so dirty and sweet
Can’t get enough
Got to give me some more
I’m pumping up the bass
I got a shit load of treble
And the kick drum’s
Breaking up the floor
Turn It Up
I’ll sleep when I’m in my grave
There’s a strange sensation
Like a alien nation
It’s invading my every pore
And that rock and roll music’s
Pumping through my veins
I got it hotwired down to the core
It’s closing in around me
Stabbing at my heart
I watch the blood drip onto the floor
Give me a dime for the juke box honey
I’ll show you the time of your life
Things sound different
With your eyes shut tight
But they’re so hard to ignore
I’m bruised and I’m broken
But I’m feeling alright
Like I’m riding on a dinosaur
A Tyrannosaurus Rex
Gashed the heart of my heart
I watch the blood drip onto the floor


Hey hey alright
I’m counting crows tonight
One in the cornfield black as coal
One more sitting on a telephone pole
Out along this lonely road
One more graveyard one more crow
Scratching the dirt by a shallow grave
Three crows looking for a soul to save
I turn my head look to the west
Four crows sitting in a blackthorn nest
White noise bleeding from the radio
One more graveyard one more crow
I pull out the cork on a bottle of wine
Five black crows standing in a line
Two more swoop from a hole in the sky
Singing out a crazy lullaby
The moon lights up the road below
One more graveyard one more crow
I tried my best but it just won’t wait
Eight crows sitting at the front of your gate
You lied to me baby and that’s the truth
Now there’s nine crows perched on the top of your roof
And sitting in that old oak tree
There’s a murder of crows looking down on me


You trip me up I hit the ground
You break my heart girl
Then you start to bring me down
I can’t believe the things you do
The Devil’s gonna get you
You took my name you stole my heart
With just one look you know you took
My world apart
You promised me that you’d be true
The Devil’s gonna get you
Dig down baby gotta dig down deep
You’ll never get to heaven
While you’re standing on your feet
Dig down baby gotta dig down deep
Do the belladonna boogie
With a rockabilly beat
You can colour me fifty shades of blue
The Devil’s gonna get you
Your poison heart that serpent kiss
The way you rock and roll those hips
I can’t resist
But you’re not the girl I thought I knew
The Devil’s gonna get you
The time has come the walrus said
To get things straight
I don’t want no hate inside my head
So you just do what you want to do
I don’t care ‘cos the Devil’s gonna get you
I can’t believe the things you do
The devil’s gonna get you
I’m all funked up now thanks to you
Look out girl ‘cos the Devil’s gonna get you


I’m the figure in the shadows
When you think that it’s a trick of the light
I’m the thoughts you shouldn’t have had oh
When you’re lying in your room late at night
It takes a thief to catch a thief
I’m the underneath
I can’t dance I got no rhythm
But I’m hidden in a rock and roll song
I don’t need to be forgiven
Because I ain’t done anything wrong
I’m the sweat between the crease
I’m the underneath
I’m the psycho nightmare creature
Living in the dream machine
I’m the unbilled second feature
The movie that you’ve never seen
The lubrication in the sheath
I’m the underneath
I’m underneath your radar
I’m underneath your skin
I’m the fog outside your window baby
Won’t you let me in
I’d like to get to know you
I’m everything that you need
I hate to see you suffer but
I love to watch you bleed
So maybe next time you get the notion
And you think you might like to meet
I’ll mix you up a powerful potion
That’s gonna knock you right off your feet
I’ll be smiling through gritted teeth
I’m the underneath
My name is Pete but you can call me Keith


Remember when the roses bloomed
And our love shook the leaves
The thorns of circumstance were only
Brushing at our sleeves
Honeymoons and silver spoons
Never lose their charms
But I’d trade them all for one last chance
To hold you in my arms
The more we analyse the past
The less we understand
The days of wine and roses
And golden wedding bands
Always hold a special place
For lucky ones in love
So here’s to all the lucky ones
And here’s to you my love
You and I ‘neath a skeleton sky
Always searching for answers
Blown around like a leaf on the wind
Swept away like two ghostly dancers
Darling tell me truly
How does your garden grow
Silver bells and cockle shells
Beneath the winter snow
Waiting for the summer sun
Waiting for the rain
But winter’s frozen heart
Won’t bring you back to me again
That old black crow he sits upon the wall
He’s staring at the sky
Snow hangs heavy all around
The birds refuse to fly
Worlds can change forever
In the blinking of an eye
Summer turned to winter
The day you said goodbye


There’s a party going on in Deadwood
Wild Bill and the rest of the gang
But you better watch your back
There’s a joker in the pack
And he doesn’t give a good God damn
Now Bill he had a bad reputation
You could say he was a gambling man
But the cards aren’t faking
And there’ll be no escaping
When the Devil deals a dead man’s hand
Two eights two aces there’s a lot of nervous faces
When you’re holding a dead man’s hand
Seeking revenge with a bullet
Was broken nose Jack McCall
Wild Bill Hickok shot his brother in a fight
And now the writing is on the wall
Hey Wild Bill what you gonna do
The Devil’s in town tonight
They found him in the back of a butcher’s shop
But the next day the judge set him free
Further down the line he was hanged for the crime
And this time the jury agreed
So they strung up a line and they
Hanged him for the crime
From the branches of a deadwood tree
But it was too late for Wild Bill Hickok
Too late for the queen of hearts
With two black eights and two black aces
The Devil tore his soul apart


You got the rhythm I got the blues
If the needle keeps jumping
Got to get back in the groove
I’m going down I’m going downtown
A little bit of boogie and a little bit of funk
But otherwise it’s pretty much the same old junk
I’m going down I’m going downtown
I’ll catch you later no need to call
Cos I’m a funky alligator
When I’m crawling up the wall
I’m picking up a signal I can feel it in the breeze
It’s only rock and roll but rock and roll is all I need
Don’t matter what you want from life
Don’t matter what you got
Just keep on moving from the bottom to the top
Me I’m just a glitterbug I don’t know how to stop
Some people like to roll I want to rock on down
If you take it to the limit
There’s a price you got to pay
You can blow it in a minute
You can kiss it all away


I built my house with wax and feathers
Under a velvet moon
It’s open to the sky but I don’t mind the weather
Under a velvet moon
You’re gonna find me under a velvet moon
A green unblinking eye lies broken in the corner
Under a velvet moon
We’re packing up our dreams
And we’re moving some place warmer
Under a velvet moon
You’re gonna find me under a velvet moon
I don’t mind when people say to me
Hey you’re not quite in tune
But I don’t like it when they try to
Criticize my velvet moon
(Let’s go walking in the moonlight)
Well there’s not too much to do
But there’s so much time to do it
Under a velvet moon
And if time is on our side
Then I hope that I come through it with you
Under a velvet moon
You’re gonna find me under a velvet moon
There’s a satin sky above and I’m singing
All you need is love
Under a velvet moon
So if love is all you need
I’ll play rhythm you take the lead
Under a velvet moon
You’re gonna find me under a velvet moon
Icarus came tumbling down because
He flew to near the sun
But underneath my velvet moon
There’s a place for everyone
(You know where to find me)